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We are State Line Volleyball Club, a non-profit organization, located in southcentral Virginia near the North Carolina state border.  Our club started in 2013-2014 and we are part of the United States of America Volleyball (USAV) Old Dominion Region.  We serve girls ages 9 through 18. 


Our club mission is as follows:


1.  To improve access and availability to the sport of volleyball;

2.  To introduce the sport of volleyball to youth ages 9 and older to foster      interest, enjoyment, and skills prior to entering middle/high school            and recreation sponsored programs;

3.  To supplement high school junior varsity and varsity programs in                maintaining and enhancing technical and cognitive aspects of the                game;

4.  To develop highly skilled varsity players by providing a highly                        competitive level of play and preparing them to play at the collegiate           level, if desired;

5.  To provide adults a means by which to form teams for competitive             play and travel.



State Line Volleyball

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