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Laurel Park Bingo


Laurel Park Bingo has allowed us to partner with them to raise funds for our club! 


While working, you will either be selling paper bingo cards or the instant bingo cards. 

If you would like to work on a Friday or Saturday night at Laurel Park Bingo Hall to raise money to lower your daughter's dues, here are the details:


  • You must pay $5.00 annual membership dues the first night you train.

  • You must train one night without pay.

  • You must work 1 night annually for the local school scholarship.

  • After you train and work 1 night for the scholarship, each night you work SLV will receive $66.

  • To train, call Melanie at 276-806-1049 or Kym at 540-525-9177 or Barbara at 434-637-7254

  • To sign up to work, you must call 276-638-3361 on Friday before 6:00 or after 10:30 or call on Saturday before 5:30 or after 10:00.  

  • If you work on a Friday night, you must be there by 6:00 pm and you will work until around 10:45.

  • If you work on a Saturday night, you must be there by 5:30 pm and you will work until around 10:15.

  • If you sign up and then cannot make it, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING A SUBSTITUTE.

  • Workers must be at least 18 years of age and out of high school.


This is an excellent way to not only raise money for our club, but to help out the community by raising funds for local college scholarships!  

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